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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 17

It’s been an interesting week around here, my youngest son turned 21, my middle daughter bought her last prom dress, while my youngest bought her first. My oldest daughter got good news and I got to have all my children together for not just 1 day but 2. Sorry that the post is a few hours behind schedule but life and the topic today seemed to set it at this time.

Knowing When…

As we have seen on the news and social media there have been terrible events taking place all around us. News like this is always shocking and in many it causes an urge for some form of action. Personally, I see it and it makes my heart ache. I hear the news and wish there were more feel good stories than bad ones. I then wonder what I can do about the situation. Today’s post is “Knowing When…” it is appropriate to post, where and what to say. To know what to post, first you have to know what is going on around you and your networks.

What is your network talking about? Do you see a lot of negativity? Do you wish you could say something but unsure what?

Perhaps go the different route?

Instead of posting something else that’s negative, try posting something that’s positive. Each day of the week has its own set of hashtags. These hashtags are the topics trending for that particular day. As you consider some positive or motivational post think about adding some of the trending hashtags.  Your positive or motivational posts do not have to be something you’ve written it can be a famous quote, a cute video or song that you feel fits the day.

Cause and Effect

Now that you have shared that positive or motivational post, you have done a couple different things. One, you have given the people in your social network something that invokes a positive moment that may just help lift someone’s day. Two, you have shared something personal about yourself, even if it’s not your “quote” it spoke to you. I read a post, Nurture Your Best Clients, just today where the author talked about how we had to interact and get to know one another before social media and mobile devices. How many of us remember how to really interact with each other in a positive manner?

Now is the time

We should share important news. Yes, we should try and help others. We should be aware of what is going on around us and take heart towards our fellow man. We should also consider what we share online. Just as with recycling we can choose to either clutter our timelines or we can choose to inspire them.

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