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This Platform Or That One?

Choosing the right platforms for your company and products can come across in two ways. One, you find it a fairly simple concept and just start signing up for everything you see others using or what suggestions are made by search engines. Two, you begin to feel overwhelmed by the concept and wonder which networks are better for you and all you have to do to set the network up.

We have had an account on Instagram for quite a while but it was not until recently that we have been using it. Why? Because until recently there were no options for us to post for our clients on it, since we were not there for them, we were not there for PM Inc. As you may have realized Personalized Marketing Inc is very much a Client Driven company. We should post more often, we should be more active on our networks, and we should get out and socialize more. However, most of the time you find us working on projects for our clients, doing things to enhance their services, even items that we may not have noticed in our original assessment.

Assessments Matter

Just as with choosing the right social platforms you have to assess whether they benefit you and your products at that time. Our general rule of thumb is if you are never going to use it do not sign up for it. However, if you might one day use it then sign up, get the username you want and then periodically check in on it. Even if it happens to be 10 years later, as in our case, you have the username you wanted. The network is ready and hopefully, you set up a password reminder that is easy for you to use.

As Personalized Marketing Inc expands its own social media presence we may very well find ourselves on networks that we had not considered before. But most likely it will be because we have a client that is there and we want to ensure we have a full understanding of the network without affecting their public profiles.

Our Growth

In the coming weeks, you are going to see some of these changes taking place on the company website. We have a new theme being developed by myself (Dee) and our manager, Cindy. It has taken us a bit longer to get the theme completed than we anticipated but that is because not only does it need to be right but primarily because Personalized Marketing Inc is always focused on the clients first.


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