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What Our Clients Have to Say

“I am truly grateful for the outstanding job that Dee Carver of Personalized Marketing, Inc. did for me. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to delivering high-quality results were exceptional. She was easily accessible and went above and beyond to get my email/newsletter problem resolved. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of top-notch work. Thank you Dee for all your help and a job well done!”
“Dee is a creative web designer. She’s helpful, friendly and listens to you. Her designs meet what you’ve discussed. She’s patient, helpful and explains what is happening with the website and behind the website. She’s quick to respond to any comment or request and comes up with great suggestions. I’d recommend Dee to anyone looking for a new web designer.”
“It is beautiful! You did a marvelous job! I am so excited! I knew you would do something spiffy!”
“I can’t say enough about this amazing company! Personalized Marketing Inc. is the assistant everyone needs and a must for writers. This company covers all the promo and social media aspects that consume so much of an author’s time. Personalized Marketing Inc. – you can’t live without it! I highly recommend it”
“Although I had my website done by someone else, Dee has not only tweaked it to make it more user-friendly but has added awesome, eye-catching graphics that make it more appealing. She maintains my site and keeps it updated as well. Dee stays in communication with her clients and is always available to answer questions. You rock, Dee!”
Jaxx Steele
“I have enjoyed having Personal Marketing Promotions handling my promotions and updating my website. Dee is very hands on and makes herself available to answer any questions you may have. I am unable to promote like I want to because of a full-time job and she keeps information about my books flowing around the internet. She is quick and efficient when it comes to updating my website. I find that important since I require updates as my books become available.”
“I am the face behind The Author’s Secret (TAS). So when I shopped for an eCommerce website recently, I talked to a lot of people. I went with Personalized Marketing (owned by Dee Carver) after working with her to fix a completely unrelated problem on another site. Bottom line, I hired her to redo the TAS site and make it mobile friendly, Once I saw how much she could offer, I decided to have her also redo my own site. You’ll be seeing some neat changes over here on my Facebook page too. Can’t wait to show you!”
“Personally (awesomely and affordably) customized by Personalized Marketing. Need a new website? Need hosting? Talk to Dee and be prepared for the best customer service ever. Within 30 minutes of signing up with PMInc, we had a plan to get together and work on our project, contact info (including cell phone and skype!) and a promise to be there. At The Author’s Secret, we promise to hold your hand on the web. It felt great to get that same kind of service from someone else. Wait till you see what we’re going to be able to do for YOU once our new site goes up! Oh, and do like our page and watch what happens between now and the end of July.”
The Author's Secret
Facebook Post #PMInc @PMnP #TheAuthorsSecret #TAS #WebsiteDesign
“I thank my lucky stars a respected colleague referred me to Dee! She has done so much in streamlining and upgrading my social content strategy, and, cleaned-up my website. She tackled WordPress issues that others ignored or said it couldn’t be fixed. All of a sudden things are working! For me and my business, Dee’s greatest value is her ethical approach. Said another way, she does what she says she going to do! And when there are unexpected issue, she comes to the table with realistic options to be discussed and agreed upon before new work begins. I highly respect and recommend Dee’s services to any small business owner serious about improving their social ROI and community impact. “
“Dee’s consistent service and attention to detail not only drove my business but her reliable high-quality performance gave me peace of mind. I couldn’t recommend her online marketing abilities more highly.”
Niall Traynor
Impact Fitness
"Dee is a highly creative person willing to go the extra mile for our clients and prospects. Whether as a blog writer, graphic designer, or marketing assistant, she is always friendly, helpful, and a joy to have as a member of our organization."
“Dee is a talented multi-tasker who excels at guiding and mentoring!”
From Jeannie Faulkner Barber on Jun 25, 2011

“Dee is a marketing guru with visionary ideas and ability to articulate complicated ideas clearly and elegantly.”
From Samuel Stone on Jun 24, 2011

“Dee works hard at everything she does.”
From Denise Fleischer on Jun 24, 2011
Branchout OnFacebook
Website Developer, Graphic Designer, Video Creator, Editor, Writer

Clients Listen to Audio & Write Articles from Audio
Excellent provider and a pleasure to work with. If anything becomes available, we will definitely be in touch!”
Apr 2008 – May 2008
Create & Upload Short SEO Oriented Videos for Multiple Websites
"Did an excellent job on video productions. Work completed well — my business is now focused elsewhere."
Dec 2009 – Mar 2011
Website Creation with HTML to Improve SEO
"Dee went above and beyond in helping me with my website. She provided a great platform for my site and is very personable and knowledgeable. Recommend her for website work!"
Jul 2011 – Dec 2011
Blog Content Manager
"Dee was very helpful and did a great job handling my WordPress work. I would hire again."
Jul 2011 – Nov 2011
Ternion Merchant Services
"I highly recommend Ms. Dee Carver. She is the ideal contractor. She was very polite and prompt, she was accessible and available and she is very willing to make sure that the project is done efficiently and effectively."
Jun 2012 – Aug 2012
Looking for web professional to use new and relevant software as BETA users
"Great work! thanks!"
May 2012 – Jul 2012
Design new webpage (no forms or database required), from already existing webpage
"Dee was prompt, polite, and had a “can do” attitude. She was a pleasure to work with. Would definitely hire again."
Jun 2013 – Jul 2013
Product Review Writer
"Thank you, job well done!"
Oct 2013
Up Work
Up Work

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