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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 18

1st Quarter Already?


As we are finishing the first quarter of the year, if you have not been monitoring your networks, now is the time to look back on what you have done so far. Have you been maintaining your social connections? Are you taking time to say hello and thank you to those that re-share your post? Have you stopped and shared others postings? And are you ready for the changes coming in April?

Today’s blog is going to be a bit of a mix… 

Give and Receive

When you share something and others take the time to re-share your post, it is only polite to stop and thank them. Have you seen the social tool called This particular platform reminds you to say thank you to those that Re-Tweeted your post. It also has you to say thank you to your contributors and makes note of recent followers. Why? Because these are essential parts of the give and take process required to be “social” on your social networks. Also, as you may have noticed when you say thank you to specific people they tend to like or say something in return. When you share their post, they tend to thank you for it and you then become one of their influencers.

Monitor and Adjust

As you go over what you have posted these past few months, look at what really stood out on your networks. Did it have a good reach or a great one? Did that fabulous post inspire people to click on it or just scroll over it? Impressions are required, interactions are needed and follow through is important. Make sure that where ever you are sending people with your post that they are going to be welcomed with an engaging site. Something that not just gets them there but also keeps them there. Ultimately make sure that the posts are relevant to material of the landing.

Remember that Spring is right around the corner so think about what you enjoy doing this time of year. Think about events taking place during this time and encourage interactions with your fans by sharing in their favorite past times as well. As the year progresses peak times, days and topics are going to as well, so keep on time with what you are putting out there.

Planning and Preparation For April – The Tech Side

April 2018 is going to mark some big changes for several different areas when it comes to being online and sharing your news. Google has announced “Starting with Chrome 66, Chrome will remove trust in Symantec-issued certificates issued prior to June 1, 2016. Chrome 66 is currently scheduled to be released to Chrome Beta users on March 15, 2018 and to Chrome Stable users around April 17, 2018.” (Google Blog) Also, as I am sure you have heard, this is the year that Google is pushing the SSL Certificate Requirement on all websites. (Computerworld)For those with newsletters and readers in the UK you are going to have to follow the new guidelines put into place. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which takes place in May will change how data, particularly email subscriber information is handled. You can read more about it at MailerLite.

How Does This Affect You?

You have a website, you probably have a newsletter, you reach more than the people in your town and you need to know. Taking time now to plan, prepare and perform the required steps to be ready will help you handle the changes, rather than waiting until the day it happens. Just as with marketing, writing, cooking, or any other activity if you plan in advance and make smaller changes along the way instead of all the changes at once, you are more likely to succeed. One thing that Real Marketing For Organic Growth discusses is planning to succeed. You have to set goals within a reasonable time frame and you cannot let yourself get overwhelmed. The best way to accomplish this is to NOT procrastinate but to start now. You may not be affected by the Symantec-issued certificates or GDPR but it’s better to know now and not find out later.Resources


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