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5 Digital Marketing Tips | CTR May 2024

I thought I would go back to the basics for this month’s article and focusing on not only how Personalized Marketing Inc started but that is ongoing. These Marketing Tips are designed to help us focus on the ‘What, How, When, Where, and Why’ of your marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Tips

  1. Define Your Goals

Your ultimate goals may include growing your online presence and generating more sales; however, you should also have other goals that you want met as well. Your marketing plan should be organic and evolve as your business does. Customer satisfaction is one of those goals, happy customers, bring in happy reviews and referrals. You should want to see growth with your business over time as well, a stagnant business will not be able to compete with its competitors.

  1. Understand Your Network

Your network is not just the people at work but also the people where you live, where you shop, your communities both on and offline. People of all different ages and locations are online daily. According to Statista there are over 5.35 billion internet users worldwide. Which averages out that 6 out of every 10 people are online daily. Do your focus groups include those people in your network, and then the people in theirs?

  1. Be Open To Doing Something Different

I can remember when Hashtags started out and then became a viable part of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing. I can also recall how some where against it and others embraced the concept eagerly. The thing is Big Name Brands, Corporations and Social Networks were also a part of why Hashtags took off. When you see companies that have thousands of dollars invested in marketing using marketing tricks, you should learn more about it.  Although not all new marketing tricks last but you can be sure the effective concepts behind them will find their way into a new method.

  1. Learn From Your Mistakes

We all do them, we all make them, we all must embrace them and learn from them. As Einstein stated, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” We must be willing to try something new and understanding that not all of them are going to work out. We can either let the mistake spiral and control us or we can learn from it. Another famous Einstein quote, “Don’t be afraid to try anything new. Mistakes lead to wisdom; wisdom leads to success.”

  1. Be True To You & Your Brand

As you work on the other marketing tips mentioned here remember to keep true to yourself and your branding. People want to know who they are buying from and what their values are, especially those brands that become an integral part of their lives. If you find that you have to adjust your branding to match a new focus, then take the time to introduce it to your audience. One of the name brand soda companies at one point wanted to change their label, the new label may have been eye catching, but it did not look anything like the previous one. Sales drastically dropped for that company until their produced more products with the original logo on it. Why? Because when people are shopping, they pay attention to what it looks like first before reading the label. If you want to change your label or branding, then make sure you do it in a way that helps your buyers know that it is you.



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