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Turning Old Things Into Something New

Coffee Time Romance Article

Hello Lovelies,

Last month I discussed the importance of spring cleaning your online presence, this time I thought I would follow along with that same concept. Now, that you have begun looking at the different things you have done over the past few months or even years, do you throw away everything or turn it into something new?

Recently, I put together a short video for our Spring Savings, which is included in this newsletter. I grabbed a variety of the videos we have made for not only PM Inc but also for clients. One thing that Cindy and I have been doing is also cleaning up and getting up. While working on some of the pages, I ran across videos that I had forgotten about and accounts so old, I cannot remember what the possible login could be. Some of these videos were made back in 2011 and when I look at them, I am astonished that some have over 5,000 views. Needless to say, they were not the most inspiring work I have done. But then again, video editing has come a long way in the last decade, and when these went out, they were on par with other video ads.

Of course, I found some videos I want to keep but a majority of them, I am like ‘Nope, Nada, I don’t think so’… You might be thinking the same thing with some of the stuff you have found. Perhaps you have old covers that cause you to cringe or maybe they are still okay, but they have change into something else. What do we do with all this old material?

Some, we just let go but like a scene cut out from a story, a lot of it has a new home waiting on you. You could take those old covers and do a short before and now video, transitioning from the past into the present with music that matches the theme of the books. You can take some of those promo items and put together a special gift bag for one of your readers. I have seen a lot of authors making goody bags out of left over merchandise and then sharing them on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. These SHORT videos get a lot of attention and trigger a response from the viewers to participate.

Just remember that whatever you through away, it’s gone. If it is digital items, then store them on an external hard drive or USB stick, so you can look back on them and see where you started. Just like old family photos the memories we have from looking at our old work will mean something to us as well.

So, speaking of Family, this is my last piece of advice for today. Spend time with yours, Easter is right around the corner, it’s a good time to take a moment and cherish the time you have with your loved ones. As someone who is often called a workaholic, I understand that taking time off can be difficult, but I have also learned that letting the moments around us slip by are wasting precious memories we could be making. With that note, I am out of here to spend time with my family and friends this Holiday Weekend.

We hope you had a Happy and Blessed Easter


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