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Tip: Understanding when and what to post …

Personalized Marketing Inc is excited to be a part of the Coffee Time Romance newsletter. We look forward to sharing Tips, thoughts and the occasional ‘oh wow that really happened’ with its dedicated readers. Some of what we will cover will be marketing and website related but we will also cover other topics as well, including security online and life’s curveballs. So, remember to always “Stop and Enjoy Your Coffee!” every day will find a way to fill itself even if you don’t have any plans.

On To The Tip:

This might sound obvious, but it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are a few variables that can determine what you post, when you post it and where. The first thing to consider is your target audience, do they work 9 to 5, are they retired or maybe they are just starting out in life. Knowing what their daily lives may entail can determine the best time to put your content in front of them. The time of year also plays an important role in when to post as well. When the weather is too hot or too cold, people are more likely to be indoors during most of the day and early evening. However, in more favorable temperatures, they will be outside more than inside on their phones. 

Another thing to consider is whether they are only killing time or if they are sitting down and wanting to interact on social media. Ever wonder why those short funny videos get so much attention? Well for one they are entertaining, and let’s face it people from all walks of enjoy seeing something that makes them smile. Also, those videos are generally short and only last less than a minute. Now I am not saying you can only put out short videos to engage with your readers. However, if you want something quick and eye catching, videos and animated graphics are still very popular. Take TikTok for example, there is a hashtag #BookTok and it has a reach of 126 billion views, and 19 million posts to date (according to TikTok’s Newsroom). That is a massive number of users and viewers who are specifically focused on it. Even Facebook and Instagram have a high rate of posts going out with the hashtag being used. The videos that do the best are engaging, interactive and use ‘hooks’ to ensnare the reader. My own daughters say they use TikTok to find their next book.  

If you want to know when and what is the best to post, pay attention to the views and interactions on your content. You may notice that those short videos get more interactions during the evening or during maybe lunch time. When people are looking at their phones more often. Yes TikTok, Instagram and the other platforms have web versions, but they are often used by people on their mobile devices, let’s face it, it’s easier to scroll on your phone moving around than it is to pack around a computer.


#PMInc’s ‘Oh Wow’ Moment … 

As mentioned, life gets busy and well mine is no exception. It got so busy this year that it took Cindy, PMInc’s manager, to let me know that Personalized Marketing Inc celebrated its 15th anniversary. It’s amazing to think that we have been opened for 15 years working with amazing clients and affiliates. I can remember starting out just because a friend had said “you should offer this as a service”. Throughout the years, we have seen many different trends come and go, but the one thing that remains constant, you get what you put into it. So, as you celebrate special dates in your life and careers, remember that you get what you put into it. Don’t just live life to work to pay the bills, find something about each day that you can find enjoyment in. My own personal enjoyment is watching talented people show themselves they have what it takes and when get the praises they deserve singing on shows such as AGT, BGT and the Voice, it brings a smile to my face. We each have something that we are great at or enjoy doing, find your something and enjoy it. 


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