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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 14

A Few Days Early, But On Time

Today’s post is a few days early but the content is right on schedule with the topics …  

Good morning, as I sit here writing today’s post, I look outside and see the snow falling which brings a slight smile to my face. Growing up I can remember being excited about snow days, then as I became an adult and had to go to work, not so much. Then later with my children, I enjoyed it once again and as they grew up the enjoyment waned until my grandchildren. I like many others only wanted snow on Christmas Morning and it could only cover the grass areas. Now though I am brought back to the joy of falling snow even on the city streets and my sidewalk. This might not sound like a marketing topic but it really is, there are a few keywords already listed, snow, children, grandchildren, enjoy life. Cycles happen, change takes place the same as it does with life.

The Cycle Of Marketing

Like you, I’ve heard about the new changes taking place on Facebook. I have heard about how it will redefine how businesses advertise on it. I like others in marketing know that cycles happen and it seems that Facebook is on a cycle back to its original concept, personal connections. Now, this does not mean that businesses cannot advertise on Facebook, it does not mean that authors or entrepreneurs have lost thousands of hours and suffered a financial setback. It just means that as Facebook changes back to its original concept, personal connections are a must. Which if you have been reading the blog series then you knew this already.

Social on Social Network  

We have had a couple discussions about being social on social media and this is no exception to the rule. When you put a post out it should be going to your personal profile and if not at least a reference to it. If you have a guest on a blog and you are posting it on Facebook, then tag the person, even if you aren’t friends. However, do make that “friend” connection especially to those that you want to continue to work with. But remember “Be Social on your Social Network”, if you have already begun to stop and like something for no other reason than to just be social, then now is definitely the time. Social Media Networks were originally designed to help users like you make a social connection online, granted while earning the company money.

It’s A Holiday Be Socially Thankful & Cycle

As you know today is Martin Luther King’s Birthday and the schools are out, several people are off work, and that strange weekday connection can happen. Stop for a moment, say thank you to those who are your friends or follow you. Look around you and enjoy the life you have. Be thankful for those brave individuals in our History who have paved and paid for us to be here today. Work if you have too but remember that today is more than however many books, pens, cups, shirts, subscriptions, movies or any other product, service or item you offer or sell; it’s also a chance to change your cycle and start something new.


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