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Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 – Web Presence 2


Your Web Presence Series #2 

Continuing the four part blog series to help give you some basics for not just being safe online but also to ensure that your web presence is what you want it to be.

In our previous post we covered security measures for your website. In this post we are going to cover choosing the right hosting options.

Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 - Web Presence 2


Choosing the right hosting provider and level of hosting is very much dependent on you. If your site has a lot of traffic or you have more than one site, then you are going to want hosting services that have those allocated. If you have a small singular website and do not intend on increasing your traffic, then you can go with a smaller package. The level of bandwidth, site size and traffic you expect all play a role in which package you should consider. A few other things to consider are the SSL Certificate, Firewall (DDoS), CDN and Domain Name Email options. Almost all hosting providers offer a package that has Domain Name Emails, some form of SSL certificate and some even have the Firewall and CDN added. Compare the pricing for each of the items you need, then compare hosting package options and finally decide which is in your budget and time. Hosting packages for $4.95 are great, but if you have to spend another $60.00 a year on an SSL, then $20.00 a month and higher on a Firewall and CDN, plus another $5.00 to $25.00 a month for Domain Name Emails, the cost can add up fairly quick.


Item Item Cost  | Term Total
Hosting 4.95 * 12 Months + 59.40
SSL Yearly + 60.00
Firewall / CDN (Per Domain) 20.00 * 12 Months + 240.00
Domain Name Email 5.00 * 12 Months + 60.00
  Total For 1 Year $419.40


As you can see that $4.95 hosting package without any additional features went from a little under $60.00 a year to $419.40. Start with a hosting package that at the very least offers Domain Name Email services, which then drops the cost down to $359.40.

Still kind of steep, huh? I agree!

So being the type of company we are, I spent several hours scouring the internet for the best deals around. Our own reseller hosting company offers Domain Name Email service and Premium DNS, SSL Certificate with Fixed IP address with a year’s hosting on the Ultimate Package $16.99/month or $204.00 / year. An affiliate of ours, Siteground has a GoGeek Plan also offers a similar package as well but they have included Firewall and CDN in theirs with some additional staging features. The cost is significantly different though $29.95 / month or $359.40 / year after discount pricing, which is currently $11.95 / month or $143.40 / year. As you can see, the hosting packages that include these additional features already have them added to it. 

Another affiliate is DreamHost which has some additional hosting options including Virtual Private Server, which if you are looking for less shared “communication traffic” then it might be the choice for you. Shared hosting, managed hosting, WordPress hosting and Virtual Private Servers all offer different benefits for various users and depending on what your current and future goals are, you will want to choose somewhere that can and will grow with you. 

There are of course other hosting options out there and once again, choosing the right one is solely based on your wants and needs. Remember as always if you need help with any of the items mentioned here or any other service, Personalized Marketing Inc is here to help. Contact us to see what we can do to help alleviate some of your current web presence stress.

Our next blog post will discuss your site design, followed with social network layout and other elements of your web presence.

I know we these blogs are giving you quite a lot of content to read and several things to consider. We are here to help; we have several service packages that are tailored to what YOU the client needs based on YOU alone.


If you have a suggestion for a topic then please send us an email, we may chose to do a series about it. 

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