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Regression Analysis In Social Media Marketing

  Wow, it feels like forever since I wrote a blog post about marketing and this week’s blog is a little different than normal. I had previously written and saved a post about email platforms and their pitfalls, however that changed. Hang on tight, I’m having a ‘geek’ moment with this topic and yes, I had Cindy edit it since I get a little ‘uhm’ focused… While doing some research in class, I came across a definition that resonated with me, that I immediately applied to Social Marketing: regression analysis in business. Personally, I found a simple definition that breaks…

Keta Diablo

Author Keta Diablo WordPress Design - Personalized Marketing Inc

Author Keta Diablo TESTIMONIAL about Personalized Marketing Inc website design service.  “I’m very pleased with the end result and highly recommend Dee Owens. Her knowledge is amazing! You rock, girl!”  

PM Inc Anniversary Giveaway Winner & Blog Topic: Moving Your Website

& Blog Topic: Moving Your Website We want to thank everyone that participated in the event! Hard to believe that the month-long celebration is over… It has been an amazing and wonderful journey! We look forward to providing you with customized services for another 10 Years!    Now back to our Monthly Blog! This week we are going to discuss moving your website…  You might wonder why you would want to move your website in the first place… There are a few main reasons… You may have outgrown your hosting account You might have found a better web host elsewhere You may…

Hosting … Does It Really Matter?

Old and New – Hosting Then and Now To see what is best for the clients, we must see what is best for the company as well. As with our new look, we did an “out with the old, in with the new” concerning the design and primary services. We have always offered customized services and will continue to do so, however, we needed to find a better way to give you what you need. 

PM Inc 10 Years Drawing Entry

Welcome to the Personalized Marketing Inc’s new site and month-long anniversary party! Each week we are offering a different special and one big surprise during…

Real Marketing For Organic Growth PT 21 – Web Presence 3

Your Web Presence Series #3 Continuing the four part blog series to help give you some basics for not just being safe online but also to ensure that your web presence is what you want it to be. In this installment we are going to talk about other website and some common concerns.