To Buy or Not To Buy …

One of the things that you may find me doing is going through and cleaning up website issues. Especially those caused by outdated Themes, Plugins, or lack of backups. When looking at website designs, you may be wondering why Read more

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Best 5 Tools to Make A Free Brand Logo

A logo is an image or writing design that has a meaning or represents a particular agency. The role of this logo is very important. Because, with a logo, it makes it easier for people to understand a company’s Read more

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Spring Marketing

At this time of year, it is a good time to reevaluate what you are doing, where you want to go and how you plan on getting there.

Spring marketing is more than just posting images about Spring being Read more

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#CyberMonday Savings

Starting on #CyberMonday Nov 30th until #SmallBusinessSaturday Dec 5th #CoffeeTimeRomance Special: 50% off Services/Advertising (Minus hosting) #PMInc 35% off Marketing and Website Design Read more
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Christmas Posting Is Here

Christmas also means planning on posting and knowing when to send them out. As with each season the time and days are shifting and will shift again after the New Year and when the seasons change. Understanding when to post is just as important, if not more than knowing what to post. #PMInc #Christmas   Read more
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Regression Analysis In Social Media Marketing

While doing some research in class, I came across a definition that resonated with me, that I immediately applied to Social Marketing: regression analysis in business. #PMInc #Marketing #OrganicGrowth     Read more
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It’s That Time … Holiday Marketing

Cyber Monday - Personalized Marketing Inc, #PMInc, #CyberMonday, Cyber Week
Check Out Our Cyber Monday Only Special |Plus Our Extended Cyber Week Specials As you plan for the upcoming festivities, you are probably wondering about what to make for Thanksgiving Dinner (in the U.S.), while preparing the house for the guest coming by and making plans for those staying a few days.  Read more
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Keta Diablo – WordPress Theme Design

Author Keta Diablo WordPress Design - Personalized Marketing Inc

Author Keta Diablo WordPress Design - 

Designed by Personalized Marketing Inc

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