To Buy or Not To Buy …

One of the things that you may find me doing is going through and cleaning up website issues. Especially those caused by outdated Themes, Plugins, or lack of backups. When looking at website designs, you may be wondering why Read more

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Holiday Season Marketing for Small Businesses

Image via Pexels 

Guest Article Written by Carleen Moore owner of https://thebizbuzz.net/

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to work quickly to get customers to your physical and digital storefronts. While you most likely Read more

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Tip: Have you Googled Yourself Lately?

#PMInc’s Tips & Tricks for the Coffee Time Romance October Newsletter Edition:

Have you Googled Yourself Lately? Why you should and how to go about it.  

Often times the topic of the Tips and Tricks are going Read more

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Tip: Understanding when and what to post …

Personalized Marketing Inc is excited to be a part of the Coffee Time Romance newsletter. We look forward to sharing Tips, thoughts and the occasional ‘oh wow that really happened’ with its dedicated readers. Some of what we will Read more

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What’s the Best Startup Book? It Depends….

What’s the Best Startup Book?  It Depends…. By Dee Carver  There are thousands of startup and business development books. How can you pick the right one? Read more
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Best 5 Tools to Make A Free Brand Logo

A logo is an image or writing design that has a meaning or represents a particular agency. The role of this logo is very important. Because, with a logo, it makes it easier for people to understand a company’s Read more

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Some GDPR Tips

We were asked to discuss the GDPR some and so originally, we were going to go a little more in-depth over it. However, there are already some great posts out there about it (including the ones from your newsletter Read more

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#BlackFriday Sale

Limited Time Only Nov 25th - Nov 28th

Get 10% Off Any Service from Personalized Marketing Inc Signup for Two and get 20% off the second of equal or lesser value.

Just fill out the contact form and one Read more

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Branded or Not Branded?

Are You Branded?

Have you ever heard the story about how a certain drink lost a lot of sales because they changed their logo? It happened a little over 15 years ago and the drop was drastic. If you Read more

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What do you do?

Let’s assume you have been active on your social networks. You have been not only posting but liking and sharing others’ post. You have taken the time to friend new people in the hopes that they will like Read more

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